Why you shouldn't keep plastic wrap in a drawer

1. Use of plastic wrap to store leftover food

We're probably all guilty of making too much for dinner, knowing we'll have a fair amount of leftover food to deal with later on. Rather than wasting all that food, the best way is to store them in the fridge so that they can be eaten the next day. Although leftover food might taste and smell fine, it doesn't necessarily mean that its safe to eat. The most common kitchen item that we use to keep food properly is a plastic wrap or cling film. Since you shouldn't keep your leftovers wrapped in aluminium foil, you get to wrestle with plastic wrap. If you have used plastic wrap before, you must know that the sticky food saver is just too sticky. While you are trying to make it stick on a bowl, it is busy sticking to itself. According to nutritionists, the problem isn't in the brand you are using, but in how you are storing it.

2. Where should you store the plastic wrap?

The way you store plastic wrap in your kitchen impacts it a lot. Most of us like to keep the plastic wrap in a kitchen drawer or cupboard, along with the aluminium foil and wax paper. Nutritionists recommend you to store the plastic wrap in your freezer. It is because the chilly air of the freezer makes the plastic wrap easier to handle and use. Freezing the plastic changes its molecular structure, causing its chemical bonds to weaken.

3. How is plastic wrap made?

We all know that plastic isn't good for our health and the atmosphere. However, plastic has made its place here and it is everywhere. Similar to other plastic bags, plastic wrap is made with polyvinylidene chloride (PVC) or polyethene. This is a material that, when cut thinly like plastic wrap, tends to attract static. You might not know this, but many brands of plastic wrap often add adhesive to increase its stickiness. The stickiness and static can both be reduced by the cold temperature. Therefore, it is safe to keep the plastic wrap in the freezer.

4. Uses of plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is not only used to cover bowls of food. There are many ways you can use plastic wrap. You can wrap fruits like banana to keep them fresh. Wrap herbs and leafy vegetable like lettuce to store them in the fridge. if you are making sandwiches but don't want to keep it in a container, use plastic wrap and then you can carry them. You can also stop bottle leakage by wrapping the bottle mouth with the plastic wrap and putting the cap back on. Also, you can wrap fruits like cherries and berries or grapes to prevent freezer burn. It will keep the food fresh.